Pressure Treated Lumber

We are proud of our brand of treated lumber. Being that we are located in Cottage Country, we sell a lot of this product.

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windowWe are proud to announce that in addition to our regular lines of windows, we are able to offer our customers the Pella brand of windows!

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Pre-approved contractors may download prices after hours on our web site. We have recently introduced a secure area of this website to help our valuable contractors.


Recent Events:

The big news as far as our products are concerned, was

The  commitment this year to sell the new brown

coloured Pressure Treated Lumber. Sales in this

product have exceeded expectations! It looks as

the days of green coloured Pressure Treated lumber

are numbered.

Some Useful Facts:

Our Treated Lumber


2"x6" Size Specs: This is the most widely used dimension. (And the most stable). Ours has a radius edge and is the top grade possible from western species.

5/4"x 6" Size Specs: This dimension is almost exclusively meant for decking. It is radius edged and is 100% lodgepole pine from the West Coast. The term 5/4" confuses some people. It measures about 1-1/8"x5-1/2".

Squares Specs: Our 4'x4" and 6"x6" are manufactured from 100% red pine logs grown locally in Ontario.

The new MicroPro wood

In 2013, the Osmose company who manufactures the chemicals, developed a treatment process that has micronized chemicals. This wood takes on a brown appearance. It has imprived corrosion resistance as well. Expect this product to weather in the sunlight, the same as any wood. Although the green coloured (ACQ) lumber is still available, we are phasing into the new brown coloured wood in 2014. Sienna refers to the colour.

Here is some information that is put out by the chemical company:

New Technology

Consumers and contractors have a new option in Canada
for outdoor projects with MicroPro Sienna™ Treated Wood.
The patented MicroPro® technology used to pressure treat
MicroPro Sienna results in treated wood products that are
designed for use in residential and commercial environments
where aesthetics and environmental standards are paramount.
MicroPro Sienna Treated Wood can be used above or below
ground and in fresh water. It offers better corrosion resistance
to exterior fasteners and hardware, and it can be used in
direct contact with aluminum building products above
ground. The preservative protection of MicroPro Sienna
Treated Wood is backed by a lifetime limited residential
warranty against fungal decay and termite attack (see
warranty brochure for details).

New Colour

New colour technology gives MicroPro Sienna Treated
Wood a rich, finished look that complements today’s deck
furniture and furnishings. Designed to meet the style
demands of indoor/outdoor living, it offers a finished look
similar to cedar with no initial staining.
In an exterior project, the colour of MicroPro Sienna will
turn to warm tan and over years will gradually fade to
driftwood grey. The length of time will vary according to the
exposure to sunlight, the wood species and the application.
To maintain the colour and surface of MicroPro Sienna
Treated Wood it is recommended that a high quality water
repellent be applied to the wood as soon as possible after
construction of the project. Long term, the initial colour will
provide a good foundation for staining to renew or change
the colour.
It is possible that on some MicroPro Sienna treated wood a
green colour may appear along the grain of the wood and
around knots. This green colour is due to the copper that is
used in the wood preservative system. Over time the green
colour will change to a tan colour that blends into the overall
tone of the wood.
A colour-matched sealer for pressure treated wood, Cut-N-Seal®
is available to cover cuts and holes above ground and to
retouch any blemishes during construction of the project.

For anyone that is interested, you can view a memorandum in a .pdf format by clicking here to confirm the accepted use of this product in fresh water (i.e. for docks)

The following information is from Wood Preservation Canada :

What is pressure treatment?

Pressure treatment is a process that forces chemical preservatives into the wood. Wood is placed inside a closed cylinder, then vacuum and pressure are applied to force the preservatives into the wood. The preservatives help protect the wood from attack by termites and fungal decay.

How do wood preservatives work?

A wood preservative must have the ability to do three things: (1) penetrate the wood, (2) neutralize the food supply within wood in which decay fungi and wood destroying insects live, and (3) be present in sufficient quantities in a non-leachable form so that its protection outlasts the useful life of the wood product. Effective preservatives will also kill existing decay, fungi and insects, which might already exist in the wood. A true wood preservative is a toxic material, to be used with care. It will penetrate wood fibers and stop the organic enemies of wood.